Apple Swift Programming

In late 2014 Apple released a new programming language to create iOS and OS apps, in Tiseno, this language is if you have not already guessed called Swift. Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Writing code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. Swift is ready for your next iOS and OS X project — or for addition into your current app — because Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C.

Swift is an exciting, new programming language for the rapid development of iOS and OS X apps. It combines the best features of languages like Python, Ruby and Java to create a powerful modern language that’s great to work with.

The compassion of Objective-C Versus Swift 

Objective-C – Reflective, class-based, object-oriented, introduce in year 1983, designed by Brad Cox & Tom Love

Swift – object-oriented, functional, imperative, block structured, newly introduced in year 2014 by Chris Lattner

Mistake to avoid for Android and IOS mobile app development

  • NO pixelated image.
  • NO stretched image
  • UI Placement – You must be able to differentiate and identify the UI issues below!!…Fact: Do not stretch an app with waste of white space that user gets no value with limited mobile screen size.
  • Button size & sensitivity (Finger Friendly)
  • Min. 44 x 44 pixel
  • Data population and Paging -Include paging (scroll down load more) when it has more than 30 records.
  • “Back“ navigation shouldn’t be blocked while waiting for server response.
  • Form handling -Text area or button shouldn’t be blocked/overlapped by keyboard.
  • Always has “return” or “done” key for user to hide keyboard
  • Use only dynamic view even in short form. (no more fixed view)
  • No programmed button that auto jump up when keyboard is up.
  • Redirect should be landed in right place.
  • Better planning for possible empty fields. (discuss with UI designer)
  • Don’t use fixed view. (UX consideration)
  • Infinite loading  shouldn’t accept more than 1 API calling in 1 trigger. (talk to API creator to fix the error)
  • Prompt “internet connection not found” alert to allow user to try again instead of killing the app.
  • Mobile UI touch overlay shadow  – Change colour of dark grey highlight when user tap/touch on menu button, list of product and etc before redirect to another screen.
  • Try to use programming method to make overlay effect but not using image replacing method.
  • Contact Tiseno to know more about quality app development.

Maybank2u mobile app

Mobile Banking is presently significantly more helpful with Maybank (maybank2u) Mobile Banking App for Apple IOS and Android.

Functions of maybank2u mobile app includes:-

Account Information and Services
Check Account Balances
View Transaction History
Place a Time Deposit

Fund Transfer
Making Transfer to own record with Maybank Singapore
Making Transfer to another record with Maybank Singapore
Making Transfer to another financial balance in Singapore
Send cash to anybody in Singapore Dollars (SGD) through iCheque

Pay Bills
Pay Visa Credit Card bills
Pay Malaysian bills
Pay any bill with iCheque

Exchange stores to accounts with Maybank Malaysia and Maybank Philippines

Download Maybank2u mobile app today from IOS app store and android play store:-

Apple :

Android :

There is no question how useful Maybank2u Mobile App as It is one of the apps in the favourite list in most of Malaysian since we always do our banking on the go. Download and login to maybank2u mobile app today, for new user, you are required to register for PIN number in any maybank ATM in nation wide.

iManage Mobile Sales App

iManage mobile sales app makes an easy access to up-to-date products, check recent orders, checking of customer’s payment status, and the ability to print-out enquiries and quotation that helps create a superior buying experience.

  • View and edit customer details on iManage mobile sales app such as person in charge, shipping addresses.
  • Present your catalogue with customers on an iManage mobile sales app.
  • Create an enquiry order and print out with portable printter on customers side
  • Transfer order back anytime, anywhere to speed up delivery process.

Beautiful designed Product eCatalogue

Make an impression with every clients with high Resolutions product images displayed with the iPad.

Online/Offline Ordering

Place order while online or no internet access. User could place order and save as cart and review while offline. User can submit later on their order whenever connected to the network.

Ease of Use

Slide menu gives ease of view on navigation. Catalogue view of products category and features with addable folder or file for selected categories.

Real Time Processing With Integration Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Modules

With ERP integrated application into existing modules, provide real-time view core business processes and transaction. No additional learning process assigned to employee due procedures had done by sub-leaders and therefore human resource for data entry can be reduced.


In app activities (saved order / order form) is sync able to back office and vice versa when network connected.

Improved Efficiency

Increase sales operation by accelerate order processing; improve time efficiency where you do not have to re-enter all orders.

For more information, please refer to – mobile sales ordering app

Imanage iPad App –

Choose A Reliable Mobile App developer in Malaysia

We always heard some stories about mobile app development projects that have gone aw. We wish all mobile app developers would offer a professional service but unfortunately many don’t or can’t. So here are some tips to help you find a reliable app developer:

Never pay FULL amount in advance

It’s a fairly obvious one this but we’re amazed how many companies do it. Beware that your mobile app development company wants full amount from you! You should expect that your project is divided into a series of modules, each of modules which should be delivered in full before you pay. You should also make sure you own the source code or not at the end of the project. You might need to pay extra own the code which is depends on the contract between you and your app developer.

Don’t always choose the cheapest one

Some developers will underquote the jobs in order to get the work but then can’t complete it and leaving the client out of pocket without an app. A well organised company should have their standard expenses so their price shouldn’t be too cheap.

Mobile App Quatity & Man resources

Can the mobile app development company you choose do what you need them to do? Can they consult on your mobile eco environment and your mobile sitemap? Can they give you any advice on the app you should develop? Will they give you a detailed requirement for the work? Can they develop a well-structured functional spec that you can sign off before the developers get started? Do they have good User eXperience (UX) designer and User Interface (UI) designer? All these you important notes before you engage them, you should pay a visit to their company to ensure they are not freelancer.

Mobile App portfolios

A good way to choose a developer is to look at their previous portfolios. Have they technically done any similar projects you want them to do? Do they fully understand your requirement? Are their previous apps as good as you can use it as a reference?

Say No to cross platform

There are quite a number of app development companies in Malaysia who are using a cross platform for their app development works, we believe it doesn’t work that way. Choosing whether to go native (Xcode or Android Java SDK or HTML5 or Phone Gap is 2 different aspects you should look into it. In Malaysia, Tiseno is using native app for all of their mobile app development works.

Air Asia (AirAsia) mobile App


Book and registration your flights with the all-new AirAsia Mobile App. The straightforward design facilitates the booking procedure. You can without much of a stretch pick the most minimal ALL-IN-FARE, enter your destinations and confirm your booking with this app. AirAsia mobile application QR, it comes with IOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile app versions.

Presently with the new Manage My Bookings highlight you may sign-in with your AirAsia ID to check every one of your bookings, registration and have the flexibility to pick any of our superb additional items that make your excursion with all of us the cozier!

It incorporates inflight meals selection, pick your seat, you can increase your luggage size, and even get a travel protection!

Escape from the lines and print your ticket when you filter your QR code identification at the airplane terminal. You will get the QR code identification when you registration through your telephone.

Furthermore, you might likewise see complete travel aides of your most loved destinations.

Get speedy & simple access to bookings, registration and other AirAsia flight administrations with the AirAsia Mobile application!

This mobile application is accessible to everybody and is available anyplace on the planet. Another high-quality mobile app done by Malaysia app developers.

You can download IOS and android version here:-

Apple IOS – 

Android –

3D Touch in latest iphone IOS 9


You’ll be listening to a considerable measure about 3D touch technology throughout the following a while, and Apple has at last propelled their most recent iphone with this technology. 3D Touch will be as often as possible discussed as the innovation develops. So exactly what is 3D Touch, and why would it be advisable for you to mind?

Fundamentally, 3D Touch faculties the amount of weight you apply to the iPhone’s showcase. Isn’t that simply like a long press? Apple says that when you press the showcase, capacitive sensors measure tiny changes out yonder between the spread glass and the backdrop illumination. Apple’s product will then decide the amount of weight is being connected, and progressively adjust in view of setting.

Notwithstanding motions like tap, swipe and squeeze, 3D Touch conveys another measurement to iOS with “Look” and “Pop,” making it simpler for clients to get data initially at route between applications. Also, engineers will have free rule over how they need to execute the new innovation into their applications.

With Peek, just delicately push on the screen, and you’ll get a popup of data relying upon what application you’re in. In mail, for instance, you can daintily push on an email and you’ll get a fast look at what that email contains. In the event that you esteem it critical, simply squeeze a bit harder and you’ll Pop into it. Simple, isn’t that so?

Look and Pop is accessible all over iOS, as well, permitting clients to review connections, look at photographs, and raise logical menus in light of the measure of weight that is connected to the screen. It sounds a bit of overwhelming at first—we’re so used to exploring iOS in restricted—yet once you begin utilizing 3D Touch you’ll wish it was all over the place.

3D Touch additionally presents “Fast Actions,” which makes performing activities all through the OS to a lesser extent a bother. A firm push on the Message application, for instance, and you’ll see your most loved contacts; push on the Maps symbol and quickly get headings home. The objective is to chop down time spent exploring all through iOS.

Starting now, 3D Touch is best shown with Apple’s own particular applications; we’ll need to sit tight for engineers to explore different avenues regarding the innovation before it truly takes off. Some mainstream applications, for example, Instagram, have effectively redesigned to oblige for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus so it likely won’t be much sooner than you’re looking and popping your way around iOS.

We’re not certain yet in the event that 3D Touch is the following huge thing subsequent to cut bread, yet even at this early stage it absolutely feels like one of those components that is going to change the technologies of today’s mobile application industry.

Apple confirms XcodeGhost malware code found in IOS apps

Last weekend, several security companies have exposed a security event together called “XcodeGhost”, the virus writers by infecting the Apple application development tool X-code to let the AppStore genuine application upload information to a malicious program. It is estimated that the number of users affected will be more than one hundred million, the outbreak of the incident also broke the golden statue that had been considered a high security system Apple iOS.

Apple announced on Sunday it is cleaning up its Apple iOS App Store to remove malicious iPhone & iPad programs to identified in the first large-scale attack on the popular mobile software outlet.

Please refer to the news at

The Star newspaper mobile app

The Star daily paper mobile application gives news as it happens, with top to bottom examination and master assessment on the day’s occasions. The application is completely upgraded for both smart phones and tablets, and is perfect with gadgets running Android 2.3 and IOS 8 upwards.

You can skim the news by class, for example, Latest, Malaysia, Business, Sport and some more, too swipe through full-screen Photo exhibitions and watch the most recent Video cuts. Share your contemplations through our Polls or on your online networking, and survey the TV postings and neighborhood climate wherever you are. The home screen can be customized with your favored news classes, and substance can be downloaded for disconnected from the net perusing later.

The most recent form of The Star newspaper mobile app for the advanced mobile phone. The application is allowed to download for free, and all clients can read stories in its aggregate. Users get the chance to peruse a boundless measure of stories, and access to their ePaper (PDF of the daily paper). Besides, get the news that you need and need with MyNews, another classification that permits clients to redo an individual perusing rundown.

Try not to pass up a major opportunity for most recent, quality and trusted news from The Star app whenever, anyplace. Users have admittance to:

• The Star newspaper mobile app as distributed each morning at 6.00am Malaysia Time by means of the “ePaper (PDF)” on the Phone
• A 7-day document of the ePaper and Print Edition
• Unlimited access to each story and every one of the bits of knowledge from The Star daily paper application

You can download The Star newspaper app from:-

Apple store –

Android –

Myteksi (grabtaxi) app in Malaysia

The vast majority of the Malaysian surmise that taxi in Malaysia..

  • Not having any desire to utilize the meter.
  • Rejecting the trip in the event that it’s as well ‘short’, as well “long”
  • Rejecting or charging additional on the grounds that it’s dubiously stuck along the way
  • Rejecting or charging additional on the grounds that or it’s sprinkling.
  • Driving like nitwits (not flagging, halting suddenly, blocking movement and so forth)
  • Having inadequately looked after autos
  • Having foul/smoky autos
  • Playing irregular music
  • Not knowing how to go to the destination (or some of the time where it is)

With the present innovations of 3G and GSP, we can get taxi effortlessly with myteksi application which is the most regconised taxi application in Malaysia.

Myteksi mobile application highlights:

  • Speedier: Find and book taxis effectively with the tap of a catch – all on a solitary screen. Enhanced GPS calculation, different internet searchers, and faster taxi look.
  • More secure: Set a destination to compute the passage and the entry time while following driver’s personality and taxicab data. We altogether screen and prepare every driver to guarantee that just those with clear history and best abilities turned into our accomplices.
  • Consistent Experience: You can now sign up with Facebook and apply markdown vouchers inside the travelers application! Late areas will be naturally shown on the guide. Message your driver while he is on the go and slide easily to pay through your telephone.

You can now download myteksi app from apple store and play store:

apple store –

Android store –